Well - - Not Quite Yet

Hobbled Runner returns home from nice evening stroll to find wife in tears and very upset on the phone with local police.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, S has been answering the phone the last several hours - setting callers straight, and telling them it would stop soon. So, I'm out of the house and a fine Roseville citizen calls (we have his name and number - caller ID you know) and started screaming at S about "our" telemarketing efforts. S tried to stop him and explain - - he would have nothing to do with that. Man threatened some sort of harm, S screamed at him that she was going to call Police - and she did.

Police officer calls from his cell phone in patrol car, listened to our story and took the name and number of our fine citizen. The cop then called this asshole and asked what was up, told him we were not telemarketers, etc. . . . After that call, the cop called back and spoke to S - apparently Mr. G**** was very sorry, etc. Felt real bad about calling us, etc. Asshole!

If this doesn't stop tomorrow - - I don't know what we will do.

(AHHH - that felt better - and I didn't even post the name and phone number of the fine citizen who screamed at us tonight. Gallant husband offerred to call this man back too, but S turned me down. Shit!)


Sue A said…
I am so sorry you have to deal with the cafeteria of humanity that dealing with the public exposes. Qwest - how ridiculous is that!
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