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I'm obviously not much of a blogger, since I usually start my day glancing throughth the NYT - - the "old grey lady" - home of all that's wrong with the main-stream-media according to some bloggers.

That said, two cool things this AM:

Fonts : Never much cared for Comic Sans, but I wouldn't go to this extreme:
When it comes to font rants, though, nothing is quite as bizarre as the Ban Comic Sans movement. Comic Sans is a jaunty-looking font, offered gratis to rebels and free spirits by a little outfit called Microsoft. According to the Ban Comic Sans Web site, the spread of this childish font in inappropriate places threatens "to erode the very foundations upon which centuries of typographic history are built."

Poor Republicans: This from David Brooks (no - he doesn't pay me to plug his pieces - though I do a lot.):
The Pew data demonstrated that people at the top of the income scale are divided into stable, polar camps. There are the educated-class liberals - antiwar, pro-choice, anti-tax cuts - who make up about 19 percent of the electorate, according to Pew. And there are business-class conservatives - pro-war, pro-life, pro-tax cut - who make up 11 percent of voters.

These affluent people are pretty well represented by their parties, are not internally conflicted and are pretty much stuck in their ways.

But poorer voters are not like that. They're much more internally conflicted and not represented well by any party.
. . .
Already, we've seen poorer folks move over in astonishing numbers to the G.O.P. George Bush won the white working class by 23 percentage points in this past election. Many people have wondered why so many lower-middle-class waitresses in Kansas and Hispanic warehouse workers in Texas now call themselves Republicans. The Pew data provide an answer: they agree with Horatio Alger.


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