Guys of a Certain Age

Guys of a certain age (like mine for instance) will immediately recognize the scene:

All my girlfriends lived in houses that looked like this. Inside, the same d├ęcor: the hopeful plant, the cast-off sofa, the bookshelf made of cinderblocks with the inevitable “Our Bodies, Our Selves” and Whole Earth Catalog, the three-tiered mesh basket hanging in the kitchen, the teapot, the shelves full of Celestial Seasonings and kelp supplements, the endlessly detailed panoply of female items you never encountered until you got into a “relationship,” at which point they became emblems of your blessed connectedness. Via Lileks.

When I first met S, her apartment had none of these things. I knew she was the one!


amy said…
Maybe they were all just buried under a pile of books! Ha ha...

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