Merry Early Christmas

Pleasantly surprised to find a number of old Frank Sinatra Christmas songs on YouTube (thanks to following a couple of clicks from this post by An Affordable Wardrobe.) I've loved this song ever since purchasing Christmas with the Rat Pack several years ago. Can't find link to the version I have, it seems to change every year, but here you go - you get the idea. In the video, Old Blue Eyes describes this number as one of the "newer" holiday songs - this was 1957 after all.

Love that "living room" scene - my parents had drapes exactly like that.

Anyway - Shana and I finished up some Christmas shopping this morning and got some exercise at the same time. We walked over the Super Target - fearing bad traffic and a crowded parking lot. We observed neither. I've been trying to keep it local this season - but even shopping at the Super Target feels local as it is close to home and has a special place in many Minnesotans' hearts as Target Store #1 the original - from 1962 - I'm about 6 weeks older than the store.

For the record, here are the other local stores I've hit this year. Shana did the dirty work and went to the mall/big-stores for me (thank you very much!)

Grand Hand Gallery


Wet Paint

Minnesota Historical Society gift shop

Micawbers Bookstore


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