Blackberry, “Sampling”, and the Crud


I apologize for the lack of pictures. On Tuesday, I started to wash my Blackberry (it was in my coat pocket). I pulled it out of the pocket – but not in time for it to have got slightly wet. It still worked, but when I picked it up, water dripped out the bottom. I took it apart, wiped down the battery, and the main body, and submerged the pieces in rice. One web site recommended the parts should remain in the rice for 48 hours – we are at about 47 hours right now – so we will try again this morning.


It’s time for some more “sampling” – and I’m not talking statistical sampling or sampling some music pieces. No this is the time of sampling where the Hobbled Runner walks around the yard holding a yogurt container waiting for Duke to hear nature’s call. When the old boy gets ready to pee, I stoop and hold the container “just so”. In the past this has involved more pee on me than in the container – but my technique has improved over time. Last time, I came out unscathed. Wish me luck this time!

This is a follow-up for the earlier urinary tract infection. He’s done the 10 days of antibiotics and it’s time to re-check for bacteria, etc in the urine. I think he’s recovered well – but you still need a sample.

The Crud Continues

A few days back I posted about Duke and his “new normal”. I think I’ve developed a new normal myself. It’s been three weeks since my odd malady, the viral arthritis. The doctor did warn it could take several weeks for the symptoms to go away, but I didn’t believe him. Now, I believe.

I’m not sick every day. The symptoms come and go – sometimes lasting only a few hours. One day it’s a stiff shoulder, the next stiff ankles or wrists. (The rash has never returned.) The latest is the red, sore throat and sore shoulder and knee (right side only). That’s been around almost 24 hours now.

Let’s give it another few days. At that point I may contact the doctor – though I don’t know what they would do.


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