An Aging Dog

Here are three photos of Duke. The first was taken in December 2008 a few months after he came into our lives.

The next photo is one year later - December 2009 - relaxing on the couch.

Jump ahead two years and here he is today. It's not a good day for Duke. He started going out to pee quite frequently yesterday so we called the Vet this morning. They asked us to bring in a urine sample. It wasn't hard to gather that - and even my untrained eye could see the blood.

The Vet found some some bacteria in the sample so Duke is on antibiotics for two weeks. Hope the meds kick in soon as the constant trips outside - and the accidents indoors - are no fun for anyone.

The constant in-and-out trips are interfering with his sleep. Poor old guy hasn't slept well in 2 days. He's even too tired to clean up his own runny nose. The runny nose is another issue - running for months - unresponsive to antibiotics. Probably a fungal infection, but the "cure" - putting him under to flush out his nose and sinuses is something that could be pretty hard on an old dog so we are waiting it out - for now.


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