We’re off to see the Wizard

Whew! I cleared my calendar of conflicting meetings and I'm now in the cast of the Rosetown Playhouse production of the Wizard of Oz. Both kids made the first cut, but I was not cast due to some scheduling conflicts. I made a few changes, and now the kids and I will be working together again.

This will be our third summer show, having appeared in last year's Oliver!, and The Music Man in 2009. We also appeared in last winter's Christmas Carol.

I expect some sort of chorus role, nothing with speaking lines, but I'm just glad to have a chance to sing and dance again - though the dance part of the audition was a bit taxing. It wasn't that I got winded - like other folks - but the leaping part - ouch! I don't fly through the air with the greatest of ease anymore.

More to come as rehearsals take off. Thanks to the good volunteers at Rosetown, including Shana, the Facebook page will be a great source for photos and video. So go ahead, follow Rosetown on Facebook.


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