Puzzle Weather

It was puzzle weather – not all weekend – but all-in-all a rather cool and sometimes wet Memorial Day weekend. In addition to puzzles there was homework. Homework and cabin don’t mix well – but what can you do when school is still in session?

I chose the title “puzzle weather” because it sounds a lot better than what it really was – Cable TV and computer weather. As many know, the joys of modern technology have caught up with cabin life in the form of a wireless cable modem. That’s good in some ways. You can keep up with email and even work from the cabin if necessary. However – on rainy, cool days the lure of cable TV, the Mac, and the iPad are too strong to resist. Yes, we could disconnect the modem, but we all rely on the darn thing – and it helps keep down the whining about nothing to do and when we are going home.

The good old days were probably not as good as we remember. How many games of Scrabble and Monopoly can you really play anyway? As for books – well, Mom and Dad still read – but everyone else goes electronic, including audio books.

My weekend was unplugged. I didn’t intend that, it just worked out that way. I rarely consulted my Blackberry – and only used its camera once for the puzzle picture.

We came home early so kids could get more homework done and adjust to the busy two weeks ahead. The Dude and I want to venture out to Battle Creek Park where his class recently visited for a field trip. We are holding off on that adventure as thunderstorms rattle through the Twin Cities area. The recent spate of severe weather has left me with a new respect for the power of weather.


amy said…
I'm not sure things are really that different now days...your wife used to sleep until noon at the cabin and spend the rest of the day reading a book in the hammock. Not sure she spoke to me much less ever played a game of Scrabble with me!!!

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