Curtain Call

[Photo by Chas Campbell,]

Whew! It’s over. The last performance of A Christmas Carol was Sunday – Saturday’s performance being cancelled due to the blizzard. Of course the kids and I miss it already and are looking forward to the summer production of A Wizard of Oz.

The last few days we've been busy digging out of the blizzard that cancelled Saturday's performance and wreaked all sorts of havoc across Minnesota. The Dude has been home from school the past two days as his school. Yes – it’s true we live in Roseville where the streets have been plowed clean since early Sunday morning, but the Dude attends a private school in St. Paul which follows their schedule. St. Paul schools are closed – so we are home.

Maria attends school in Roseville – and is getting a little jealous/angry about her brother’s situation. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul schools have been closed due to the snow, cold - and the inabilty to plow the streets in such a manner as to allow safe passage to and from school.


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