Window Repair Recommendations

[Window in question on top left, trapezoid about 4 feet long, and 3 feet high.]

Now that Spring is here, it’s time to buckle down and get this window repaired. Last October the window broke. We don’t know how. The consensus of those who came out to examine it and offer estimates was that it was caused by a bird strike. Seems a bit odd to us, given the very small precision-type hole that caused the initial crack and break – but that’s neither here-nor-there.

What we need is someone who will fix this one window. We have had several folks out to examine and offer estimates. Only one – Andersen Windows – actually prepared an estimate. We thought it was high, so we started shopping around.

Several contractors – some from the obvious, reputable names in window construction and repair – stopped by to look at the broken window. All promised to get back with an estimate. None did.

We can procrastinate no longer.

I’m asking for recommendations: Do you know someone who could repair this window?

A few points:

I cannot remove the window and bring it to your shop. That’s beyond my technical abilities.

I realize the entire window may need to be redone or replaced. This might not be an eay replacement of the outer pane. I know it’s difficult to get the proper seal with double-paned windows in a repair situation. I can handle that.

We only want this ONE window repaired. We do not want to talk to someone who insists on giving an estimate for $15,000 worth of window replacement for the entire family room.

We would like the contractor/repair person to admit up front if the job is too small. Don’t promise us that “no job is too small” and then never get back with the promised estimate.

Any help appreciated – thanks!


Masako Magnini said…
Hey, have you try searching in google or asking some of your connections in facebook if they know someone who's good at fixing windows? Good luck John. I hope you find someone who can fix your window before the rainy and winter season come.
Drew Hohmann said…
Good day John, there are lots of window repairmen out there. It's up for you to choose. All you need to do is research to make sure you find the best repairmen for your windows.
Avis Brunswick said…
Personally repairing your windows isn't a bad idea, but if you find the job too difficult to handle, it is best to hand over the task to professionals.
Lino Kosters said…
Like roofs, windows should always be repaired immediately in case of damages. How are your windows and your roof now? When was the last time you checked them?

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