Contrails and Tinnitus

[This morning, looking over the field.]

I can’t really explain my fascination with contrails. I simply enjoy staring up into the sky and watching contrails. It’s fun to watch them as they form – works in progress. It’s fun to watch them morph as they blow across the sky and disappear. It helps me relax.

[This morning, looking over the house.]

It’s part of my strategy to enjoy the little things in life – the unexpected gifts. That's how I’ve come to enjoy the ringing in my ears – seriously. Maybe I could combine my two new hobbies. Tonight when I get home, I’ll grab a beer and a lawn chair, and head to the back yard where I can sit and observe contrails while listening to the “music of my ears”.

This may be related to – but should not be confused with - the “music of the spheres”.

Anyway, here's an article about the latest research into tinnitus.


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