No, I’m not dead – just dead tired. The final performance Oliver! was last night though it was cut short by storms. The tornado sirens went off just as intermission was ending and we called the off after Scene 2, Act 1, the Oom Paa scene.

Some of the crowd left – running quickly to their cars – the others joined the cast in the basement of the Como Park pavilion. At first the basement scene was chaos with lots of crowding and folks running around trying to make sure all their loved ones were accounted for. After a while the kids decided to run through the songs that the audience was missing – and then eventually ran all the songs, ending with Don’t Stop Believing (definitely not an Oliver! song – but a crowd pleaser nonetheless.) Someone captured a bit of the action.

Check out the Rosetown Playhouse Facebook page for more pictures of the show.

Now it’s back to the grind and 639 unopened emails. I’ve been putting in full days, but always running out quick at the end to make rehearsals. I will miss the diversion of Oliver! – the singing and dancing. Nine hour work days, plus constant BlackBerry action, and an hour or so online after rehearsal is not enough to get it all done. I fear the future will belong to the twitchy – those with incredibly short attention spans who do not suffer anxiety, depression, and what-not from the stresses and strains of the modern workforce. For better or worse, I am not twitchy.


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