Welcome Neighbors

Last year the neighborhood was embroiled in the School Board's plan to build a new softball field or two on the land behind the Fairview Community Center. Our back yard borders the field.

A number of neighbors were up in arms. They enjoyed the wide open fields. The proposal would place the fields too close to homes. The fans and athletes would park all up and down the streets, etc.

It turns out the softball fields were a compromise of sorts by the schools, after a Title IX complaint forced them to confront the fact they don't have enough fields for girls softball. (Girls softball has a different size field, and NO mound.) Our girls high school team was playing "home" games at Stillwater and Bethel College.

It was about time to build the girls their own field(s).

Without going into the whole mess, let me just say that in the end the plans were scaled back - only one field for now. The field was moved so that it would not abut neighboring properties. Work began late last year, and was completed this spring - almost. Apparently the field is not ready yet because the grass is not coming in good enough to support any activity. The field sits vacant now.

I'm glad they are using the field. It was kind of empty before and I feared the school board would sell the land to make money. The investment in the property seems to mean it will remain park-like and open for some time.

The problem is that it's not really open and inviting. The entrance to the west is padlocked shot, and a new sign has sprouted up this week.

Maybe the neighbors should get a game going this weekend and see what sort of police action we face?


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