Whew! That Was Fun

[Non Music-Man picture. The Dude and I biked over to the local DQ on Sunday afternoon.]

Well it’s over. I should be happy with my new found free time, but I’m going to miss the show terribly. Having rehearsed 3 or 4 nights a week since June 1, and just now finishing up 6 performances with record-breaking crowds, I’m tired – but in a good sort of way. I learned a lot: I always knew I could speak in front of crowds; that never bothered me. Now I know I can sing and dance as well – provided I’m tucked away safely in a group of other singers and dancers.

Attendance was outstanding – best ever for a Rosetown Playhouse production I believe:

7/9: 480
7/10: 710
7/11: 705

7/16: 600+
7/17: 640
7/18: 879

Thanks to everyone who attended. Your support was appreciated by all!

I’d have to say the best part – for me – was spending that many hours with my kids – in an environment where they were definitely more at home than I was. They were able to teach me a thing or two – which I hope they enjoyed.

The cast party on Saturday night was a blast – a very loud blast. M had left earlier, but the Dude and I stayed until the bitter end, 11:30 p.m. Now the Dude – at the tender age of 9 – can say he’s been to a party that was busted up by the police. That’s an experience every 9 year old should have. Yes – we were making a great deal of noise, and being outdoors at the Como Pavilion, some of the neighbors complained. Lots of laughs at the end!


crossons said…
Congrats on a show well done! I saw 5 of the 6 shows -- each one was better than the last. I love seeing it over and over - there is always something different!

I was very proud of my gang up there. It takes guts to do theater, and they did a smashing job.

If you didn't make it, you missed a fabulous show!
julienj said…
It really sounds like you've been bitten by the performing bug! I hope this means that there are more family shows in the future. Are there going to be other shows that you can do together?

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