Opening Night

Opening night was a success! It was a packed house and everyone seemed to have lots of fun. It’s an outdoor venue, so weather can be a factor. We are covered, so the misty rain in the middle of the show wasn’t a factor, and the breezes were nice – though I suspect they created something of a challenge for our sound guys. Tonight may be warmer, and more humid. No pictures – as I didn’t want to carry my BlackBerry or the Flip on stage during the performance – like I did during rehearsals. I’ll be sure to have someone take some tonight for posting.

I could see how this could be addicting. My role is very minor. I’m never on stage alone or up front – but the applause and laughter of the audience is quite a rush! Everyone in the cast takes it up a notch in front of live audience – something I expected but was fun to see anyway.


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