Crash? Not Yet

I keep expecting to crash. Not yet though.

It’s too early and I’m still enjoying the experience, even with long practices, no free time, lack of sleep, and nervous anticipation of the upcoming performances. I expected to crash earlier – and I’m sure that day will come. Let’s hope it’s not until after the final show, July 18.

Here’s the notorious Shipoopi – which I think I’ve finally mastered – as best I can given the cramped dancing space. We were out of costume – and a little pooped after 4 hours of rehearsal – but they wanted to run it one more time – with a minor change.

M Flipped (is that the verb for filming with a Flip camera?) this last night. The Hobbled Runner is only in front during the adults dance break scene. Note also the Dude at the end – far left (stage right) with girl jumping on his back. He almost falls on his face.

Get your tickets now!


julienj said…
That was great! I wish I could see it in person, but I got a great sense of the fun and energy of the number. Very impressive!
maria said…
i kinda messed up on the vidioing... yes people that was his daughter vido tapignon the flip!! :D
maria said…
video taping, sorry...

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