Music Man - Week One Update

[Hobbled Runner far left - top of bleachers, hand over heart.]

First three performances were great. Opening night set an attendance record for Rosetown Playhouse – about 480. Friday night drew even more people – approaching 700. No figures yet for Saturday night, but we set up extra chairs, and I don’t think I saw many open spots.

I see now why aspiring actors wait tables for years hoping for their big break. Even in a minor role like my own, where you share the applause with dozens of others, the adulation becomes a bit intoxicating. Acting full time sounds quite appealing. Alas, it’s probably too late to change careers. Besides, I’d hate to have my PowerPoint skills go to waste.

[Strolling the streets of River City, Iowa.]

One of the challenging but interesting things about the venue – Como Park Pavilion – is that there are no “wings” (as in “waiting in the wings”) or no real “backstage” to wait between scenes. There is a dressing room area under the stage – but it’s not the sort of place to allow for quick exits and entrances between scenes, because it’s down a long stairway, and accessible from the stage by only one door. The production calls for cast entering from all sides of the stage – including down the aisles in front – so we can’t all just wait down in the dressing room.

Instead we are encouraged to stroll around the edges of the audience in character, where we can make easy entrances when necessary. It’s fun – but a little exhausting “greeting” fellow cast members and holding mock silent conversations with them – all the while pretending to stroll the streets of River City, Iowa.

[M on left, with friend and fellow cast member in River City, Iowa.]

The Dude came down with the flu on Friday – skipping a few scenes and leaving early. He sat out Saturday’s performance – and is still under-the-weather as of Monday morning. We expect him back on his feet for the next performance on Thursday.

[Hobbled Runner pre-performance with fellow cast members.]

Pictures are provided by the Hobbled Wife and another cast member.


maria said…
who took the pic of you, gina, and that other guy? mom?
maria said…
was that first pic during the "they baners..." part?
John G. said…
Yes - I believe the top pic is from the "Columbia Gem of the Ocean" scene.

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