Morning Report - flu, camp, lots of walking

[View from my car to World HQ - 10 minute walk.]

We got off to a late start today. It’s that darn flu. I won’t call it what the doctor called it. That would just alarm people. They don’t even test for the darn thing anymore. If you have flu-like symptoms, and don’t have strep, you’ve got “that” flu. It’s quite mild, but the Dude had a fever and other flu-like symptoms for 4 or 5 days – and he’s still dragging.

Added benefit of a late start – got to walk the Dude down to the barn at Farm camp. That’s a nice 10 minute walk through the little forest and adjoining wetland – that’s building 11 to 17 for you following along on the map. The nice thing about being an hour late - he arrived just as they were finishing chores. I watched two - 9 year old girls mucking out the stables. Don't think the Dude felt too bad about missing that part.

Then when I got to work it was another 10 minutes across the lot from the farthest point out. Lots of good exercise. Of course I could have taken the shuttle (aka “Sissy Wagon”) but I actually beat the shuttle walking myself.


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