Jeely Kly– I Need Deprogramming

After the Music Man is over I will need to be deprogrammed. I simply cannot get the songs out of my head. Veteran cast members tell me it takes months – but you still have flashbacks years later.

One good thing – I’ve broadened my vocabulary of “cuss” words. I now employ “Jeely Kly” on a regular basis – but usually only with the dog, as in “Jeely Kly Duke – will you get out of the garbage.”

Definition: Jeely Kly—This is a regional phrase used as a more acceptable version of "Jesus Christ". Similar substitutes listed in slang dictionaries include Jeazle Peats, Jeezly, jeasley, jeasly, Jee!, Gee! Jee whizz! Jee Whillikins, and Jeasusly.


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