Stay Out of My Garden - and more Music Man

I’ve been meaning to snap a picture of the sunflower growing in our vegetable garden – before some squirrel comes along and takes it down. So far the garden remains relatively free of furry pests. In the past we’ve had lots of trouble with rabbits – they just hop the relatively low chicken wire fencing that’s installed around the garden.

My strategy this year has been to take all the hair we brush off Duke – which is a considerable amount this time of year – and sprinkle it around the garden. I’m trying to trick the various vermin into thinking there’s a large animal about so they should stay out! I now have dog hair in various states of decomposition in the four corners as well as placed throughout the middle of the garden. I’m not sure if this works – but I recall being in a barber shop and seeing a neighbor stop by and ask for hair. The barber was keeping all his floor sweepings in bags to give to neighbors to sprinkle in their garden to keep our deer. So far – so good. The dog hair seems to be doing the trick.

I’m excited to return to Music Man after 5 days off. Week one was quite a success – as I mentioned earlier. Here are the actual attendance figures.

Thursday (opening night) = 452
Friday = 710
Sat = 704

Hope to see you there!


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