Wednesday = Good School Day

He told me earlier this week, that he would be OK to to go school on Wednesday and Friday this week. I didn't believe him, but he proved me wrong this morning. He left the house willingly, commenting that this was, "the first time in 8 weeks" that he's wanted to go to school. He's probably not exaggerating.


Cate Ross said…
Oh you guys! That is so heartbreaking! Go immediately and talk to the teachers, the school psychologist, Dude's friends' parents, everybody you can talk to. Bunny used to hate Tuesdays and Thursdays because she didn't like Spanish, although now that she's going to Mexico, it's a better class.

Good luck finding out what's going on, and then figuring out how to deal. (There's an open house at SPA this month...I'm just sayin')

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