Happy New Year - SNOW!!

Finally, last night around dinner time, the rain changed to snow. It was a quiet New Year's Eve - no party for the first time in several years. The family went out to eat at Bascali's Brick Oven then drove around a little, enjoying the snow. When we got home we went walking around the neighborhood. M and I ventured farther, making snow angels and saying "Happy New Year" to the few hardy souls who were out and about.

We are hosting my Mom for a New Year's Brunch and I hope to get some cross-country skiing in before it all melts (I'm a pessimist when it comes to real winter weather this year.) Conditions look good for a few laps around the back-yard (the open field behind Fairview Community Center). Perhaps I'll try the U of MN golf course - since I have to go down that way to pick up bagels for the brunch.


amy said…
Ugh...still no snow here...sigh..just rain and cold.

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