Monday Update

All-in-all, it was just another school day at Chez Hobbled. Today’s line was, “I’ll go to school on Wednesday, just not today and Tuesday.” We don’t know what that’s about. He did leave – but only after I retrieved him from his bedroom where he had ran to hide under the covers. I carried him out to the car, and he was crying some. It sounds bad, but we’ve seen worse.

Options we are considering: talk to school psychologist; talk to teacher; visit yet another private school option. Speaking selfishly – I hope it ends soon, I’m going crazy – but more importantly, I hope he gets to a place (in mind or physically in a new school) where he feels comfortable leaving the house in the morning.

On a related note – “It” is spilling over into other areas of his life. It was next to impossible to get him to leave the house this weekend. He may have had a cold, and so was not feeling well. (I have some sort of “crud” and am writing this from home – oops I better post quick, the cable people have returned to work on the wiring out back – so I’ll probably lose the connection soon.)

So, in summary, we have a problem. He won’t go to school, and he is starting to refuse to leave the house. Where did our adventurous little dude go?


amy said…
OK--this darn thing won't let me post! I was just going to tell the Dude that he could probably go to G'mama's house and clean bathrooms instead of goign to school...she always gave us that option when we didn't want to go to school

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