Wisc Dells Get Away

Kids had two days off from school (teacher conf). The Hobbled Family took advantage of the school holiday to visit the Wisconsin Dells. The main attraction was the indoor water park at the Chula Visa Resort. The kids were a somewhat bored by the facilities - since there were obviously bigger attractions nearby. But most of the cool water facilities were the big outdoor ones, all closed for the season.

Due to camera (or battery ??) problems we have not pictures of the waterpark, which is just as well. All that remain are photos of the lower Dells boat trip, ICF side-trip, and Circus World Museum visit. This somehow makes us look "better" than those other large Minnesotans who descended on the Dells last weekend and sat by the edge of the pool for 48 hours, while the final glorious days of falls raged outside.

Maria snapped this one on the boat trip. It was little chilly on the top deck, so the Dude and I retreated below deck where the heater was on. It was fun watching the "captain" pilot the boat and joke around with Ashley the tour guide.

Here's a few from ICF. It's nice to see Aunty Ames' prairie efforts paid off.


Sue A said…
I have never seen the Dells spark such spam fodder. Who knew?
The Funky Family has many fond memories of the Dells including that same boat trip, the Ducks, fudge, and yours truly drinking so many cans of Coke that I slept walked outside and locked myself out of the house the first night back.

Still really like it there though! Hope your trip home was less dramatic!

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