Hmm - Let's See How This Goes

The Dude, M, and Mom just took off across the field to the Community Center for various musical activities: M to Sleeping Beauty practice. She's one of the seamstresses - tough job in a kingdom that hasn't seen any new fabric in sixteen years. (Recall - prediction that the little darling princess would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die leads her father the King to order all spinning wheels burned. Oh yes, there is one that didn't make the pyre - therein lies the story.)

This week marks the Dude's first violin lesson. He looked so proud marching across the field with his little violin. Small world story: his teacher is a high school classmate of my cousin David Gisselquist. The link Googles the man who has been busy as of late trying to convince the world that AIDS is transmitted in Africa primarily by poor medical practices, rather than poor sexual, moral practices. He's a Carleton grad, Yale PHD - one of the brainy Gisselquists. I'm part of the good-looking line.

Oh yeah - home with kids. Highlight making pizza with bones. We did the crust from scratch. Lots of fun with the dough. I joked that we should open a pizza parlor and call it Two Guys from Roseville.

After dinner he announces that we need doors between the kitchen and the family room.

"Why?" I ask. "So we can close off the restuarant part of the house from the family part.

Apparently the family room will be the dining room. He also informed me that after everyone leaves we will clear out the tables and just, "Relax on the couch watching TV."

Lowlight of the Day
: Trying to get out of the house to run errands this morning. After a very loud argument over car-seat selection and placement, M storms out of the garage, back into the kitchen, grabs the phone and starts calling Mom at work. "I'm going to get you two to switch today!"


amy said…
Can't wait to hear about the violin lesson! Did anyone take a picture? Wish I could come see the seamstress in her play!!! If only I didn't live HERE in the boonies.

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