Comeback Kid?

True to his word - after taking most of the last decade off from competitive running, my brother (the non-Hobbled Runner) completed the Chicago Marathon yesterday in 3:34.

When we were younger and still running a LOT, he told me that he would probably continue to run competively throughout his 20's, take his 30's off (which he did for the most part), and then come back in his 40's.

Does Chicago mark the beginning of a competitive decade for the 40 year old Paul Gisselquist?


amy said…
JG-Have you ever tried swimming? Have you ever tried running in the water? I know it would tough to run a 10K in the water, but at least you could run again! I do running/treading water in place for the last few minutes of my swim. It is a good workout. Try it!-AC

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