Weekend Update

Saturday: Driving down the road with the Dude, he makes the big announcement: He has "broken up" with his girlfriend. Rather than lecture him about how kindergarten is too young to have a girlfriend in the first place, I asked a few questions. Seems the GF was a little "too bossy". One example, when he was climbing a dirt pile on the playground, she chastised him and told him he was making a fool of himself by playing on a dirt pile. Apparently that was the "last straw". Good for him. There's still plenty of time to find someone who admires his dirt pile climbing skills.

Today (Sunday): Swimming lessons then off to Grandma's (Dude and Dad only). One of the Jimmy Neutron movies was on Cartoon Network (a cable offering not available at home). Score points for Dad, who correctly identified the namesake for Jimmy' dog Goddard.

Tomorrow - the first of many teacher workshop days (at least once a month). Hobbled Dad stays home - oh yeah! We plan to visit the newly opened Spirit Halloween store. I always fear purchasing (or even looking at) a halloween costume this early in the year. Kids are liable to change their minds several times before the big day. However, as everyone knows, the good custumes go quick, so you gotta commit early.


amy said…
Good for Bones for getting rid of that girlfriend! He doesn't need that getting in his way! Any leads on good Halloween costumes????

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