For the Birds

Enjoyed a chilly but sunny walk with the St. Paul Audubon Society Saturday morning. It was billed as "Fall Migrants at Lake Elmo Regional Park Reserve". Cool, frosty beginning with lots of boring old red-wing black birds (lots - 100s in several flocks) and blue jays moving from tree to tree. Kind of dull for the MN birders, but we had two guests from Arizona who enjoyed the Blue Jays and even the Canada Geese (damn poop machines).

Highlights for me: starting to get a handle on LBJ (birder for “little brown jobs” - all those small brown birds that you can never identify - sparrows mostly). Got a nice look at a Lincoln’s Sparrow, Nashville Warbler, Ruby Crowned Kinglet, and a Hermit Thrush (saw that one first - good eye). There were a fair number of Bluebirds, several Red Tailed Hawks, one Turkey Vulture missing a great deal of its’ right wing but still soaring, and one Bald Eagle. Also saw two Chimney Swifts.


amy said…
Cool!!! Bet Missy M would be good at birdwatching...or at least learning birds by sound.

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