Max, Maxing, Maxed Out

Lately we’ve taken to discussing possible names for the upcoming niece/nephew. The Dude seems to hope it’s a boy. I believe he feels outnumbered by the various strong females in the family.

The other day, the Dude suggested “Max” for an upcoming nephew name.

“Why Max?” I asked.

“That’s the name I have in my dreams,” he replied.

“Really, I didn’t know you had a name that you ‘used’ in your dreams,” said I.

Then M chimes in, “Oh yeah, he is always ‘Max’ in his dreams or whenever we are playing make-believe.”

I had no idea. It’s fascinating what goes on in their lives when you’re not around.


amy said…
Love this story! And love that Bones remembers his dreams so well! He should ask Grandmama about the dreams I used to tell her about when I was a little girl! I can't remember having a different name in my dreams.....Keep sending suggestions!!!!!!!!!!

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