Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Max, Maxing, Maxed Out

Lately we’ve taken to discussing possible names for the upcoming niece/nephew. The Dude seems to hope it’s a boy. I believe he feels outnumbered by the various strong females in the family.

The other day, the Dude suggested “Max” for an upcoming nephew name.

“Why Max?” I asked.

“That’s the name I have in my dreams,” he replied.

“Really, I didn’t know you had a name that you ‘used’ in your dreams,” said I.

Then M chimes in, “Oh yeah, he is always ‘Max’ in his dreams or whenever we are playing make-believe.”

I had no idea. It’s fascinating what goes on in their lives when you’re not around.

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amy said...

Love this story! And love that Bones remembers his dreams so well! He should ask Grandmama about the dreams I used to tell her about when I was a little girl! I can't remember having a different name in my dreams.....Keep sending suggestions!!!!!!!!!!