Music Night

Monday night is music night at the Hobbled Home. M has piano lessons in the afternoon, then 2 hours of play practice after dinner. The play (a musical actually) is Sleeping Beauty, produced by the Rymer-Hadley Center for the Arts. M really loves it. 2 hours on Monday night, and two hours on Saturday afternoon. She can't wait until the Saturday after Halloween when they practice 4 hours (since they will have missed the previous Monday - Halloween).

The Dude is taking violin at Rymer. After only three lessons he is doing great. Mom or Dad has to attend the lesson as well. Because of his age, they want to make sure a parent is aware of the lesson plan for the week. The Dude is like a sponge - and can "play back" the teacher's instructions almost word-for-word. She told him to practice everyday, so he does. She told him to rosin (sp??) the bow before each use, so he does. Maybe we could get her to add some instructions like "clean up your room". It's a blast and I'm even learning to control my cringes when he draws the bow across the strings incorrectly.

Extra benefit - the Hobbled Runner can now play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the violin.


amy said…
would you guys send me some pictures!!! He'll be playing Mozart by the time I get to see him!

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