Waiting for the Storm

The Dude and his pal Joey are having a wild Friday night together - 6 year old style. The "girls" - good old Troop 1253 - are at The Young Martin Luther King at Stepping Stone Theater, so the Hobbled Runner is home with the Dude and his Pal. They are busy watching a cheap Superman DVD - it has lots of shorts from the WWII era - including Japoteurs about some Japanese saboteurs. (Try explaining that to a 6 year old. Actually, it's not really that hard. It's ancient history to them - they'll believe anything.)

All of Minnesota anxiously awaits The Storm. It's been predicted by weather people all week. If nothing happens, I'm going to ignore weather reports forever and rely instead on my old trick knee. By the way, my right knee (old running injury - hence "Hobbled Runner") has been aching for about 24 hours now. Perhaps we will get socked in.


I also have that Superman DVD. Despite parts of it being painfully bad I still found it strangely compelling.

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