Monday/Tuesday Update

Update on others: I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the warm-up Monday (43F), as I spent most of the day inside with the Dude who was on the mend from Strep throat. We watched Akeelah and the Bee, , a feel-good family movie about an 11 year old girl from South LA who makes it to the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The Dude was impressed, and asked that I quiz him on spelling words most of the evening.

Update on me - I'm OK: I did venture out around dinner time – to Urgi-Care – as I had cut my finger open and I wasn’t sure if I needed stitches – I didn’t.

Want to read more? This could help . My blogging cousin is trying this, though my reading list is not nearly as heavy. I've subscribed to one, Joseph Conrad's, The Secret Agent.


Sue said…
what a week for the Hobbled Family! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!
amy said…
Glad you didn't need stitches. Sorry I wasn't more help!

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