Arizona Birds

Little did I know that my business trip to Phoenix would turn into such a great birding opportunity. Next time, I invest in a field guide. As it is, I think I've done a good job piecing together what I saw by Googling around. Here's the brief report.

Gambrels Quail:

[Photo - Wikipedia]

Catcus Wren - the state bird no less - much easier to spot that the darn Loon in MN.

[Photo - Wikipedia]

Also observed: Coopers Hawk, Hummingbird (Anna's ??), and some sort of LBJ (little brown job) that hovered while eating. Perhaps a Warbler (??). Slightly yellow in the breast area and it hovered near berries on a tree right outside my hotel room balcony.


amy said…
Sounds like fun. AZ has many cool birds...

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