The Dude has been busy since Sunday night working on a PowerPoint presentation about Egypt. This is kind of spooky. It's not required school work. He learned about PowerPoint on Sunday while touring MPA with the Hobbled Runner. [Yes - school issues continue to torment.] MPA teaches PowerPoint in the computer class beginning in the 4th grade. While that might impress some propective parents and students, it scares the hell out of me.

Anyway, Sunday night he asks, "What is PowerPoint?" I had my work laptop at home so I showed him a PowerPoint I recently completed. "Cool," was his honest reply. I think it was the colors and slide transition that impressed him the most - the content would have put anyone to sleep.

So we got into PowerPoint on Sunday, I showed him how to start a show, and he's been working on it by himself (with only a little help) each night this week.

I've created a monster!


amy said…
Can't you give us a sample of the power point presentation? I bet it's more interesting than some of the lectures his uncle gives! Ha!
Cate Ross said…
Good for you looking at other schools! It isn't easy, I know. Tell Hobbled Wife I'm thinking of you all.

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