Weekend Report - Cross-Country Skiiing

Like true Minnesotans we spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the little snow we have. Snow is pretty sparse in the metro area, but we found some nice snow in Wild River State Park. The cross-country ski trails are in the woods - for the most part - and they got more snow last week than “the Cities” - so we were able to ski for about 2 hours or so. The kids were divided on the event. The Dude loved it, and he had to lead the entire time. He’s pretty fast on the skis and never really stops - unless he falls down. The sister held up the rear, giving us a preview of the teenage-like behavior that will soon be common-place.

The kids were pretty amazed that you could “see Wisconsin” from the ski trail, across the St. Croix River. Wisconsin seems a foreign land to them - land of 10,000 Hotel Water-Parks (the Dells). We have to remind them that Wisconsin is not so different than Minnesota, both have Hotel Water-Parks, but not covering the entire state.

That night, while putting the Dude to sleep, he told me that it felt like he was still skiing. He also said that he needs to work on “his speed”. Apparently he felt that he didn’t have enough “speed”. Next time.


amy said…
Hmmm...Bones might just take after his Mom on this one! Why was Miss M acting like a teen? I thought she loved skiing? Still not enough snow here for skiing!!! And can I just complain here that the Olympics keeps showing the dumb snowboarding???? Annoying....isn't that more of an X game, not an Olympic sport?

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