I'm Hip - - sort of

Haven't posted about my health lately. Here's the latest - - my left hip hurts. It has hurt for about one month. It's especially painful upon arising after sitting for 30 minutes or more. Everytime I get up out of my desk at work, I truly live up to my name, "The Hobbled Runner". Of course, no one at work knows of the Hobbled Runner, so they just call me the Hobbled Manager or something.

I think the hip thing is a yoga injury - - yes a yoga injury. Every morning I do the same series of poses. Several involve moves to open the hips. It feels good to do these poses, but I have a sneaky feeling that it is causing the hip pain. Perhaps I'll ease off on the hip poses and see what happens.

Made an appointment to get the old blood drawn next week. It's time to see if my diet changes are resulting in a lower cholesterol count. I hope so since I've given up most every vice I have - save alcohol. Gone are the donuts, scones, jelly, and almost any sort of cheese. Out are "bedtime snacks" - - and most between-meal-snacks which tended to be of the vending machine variety. I've been eating very well at meals, but the between meal pick-me-ups were probably not the best choices. I've also been popping those darn fish pills (burp).

The results - - I've lost weight. None of my pants fit, and the necks of my shirts are getting loose. All I can say is this better work.

[Note - I suspect some of the weight drop is due to my wacky thyroid which we will also explore during the blood test. If not that, I will soon start writing the next diet book.]


amy said…
Now....where exactly IS your hip pain? Often people think they have hip pain, but it is in the trochanter area. So...you'll have to point it out when I'm home....we could just inject it with steroids to make it feel better...

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