Everyone under-the-weather. Dude at the bottom, fever, cough, no energy. M next up the ladder, you can hear her barking cough throughout the neighborhood, but she seems in better spirits and gets around the house more than her little brother.

The Hobbled Runner is lethargic, stuffed-up, and unsure how someone crawled down his throat last night with sandpaper.

The Hobbled Wife seems best of all, but she's sniffling and snorting like the rest of us.

Feeling that I was "tanking" yesterday afternoon, I brought home lots of work to keep me out of trouble in case I had to call in sick - I did. Now I'm sick and feeling guilty about whether I'll get any work done. Great!


amy said…
You guys sure are a house full!!!!!!! Check out Squid soap..I'm going to get some for your kids.

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