Birthday Season Begins

This weekend marked the start of the Birthday season - a 5-month celebration of family birthdays. This weekend we celebrated Grandma-ma's (The Hobbled Mother-in-Law's) and Auntie Deb's (The Hobbled Sister-in-Law). In March we have three: 2 sibs-in-law and yours-truly. April marks my brother's (April 1), the Hobbled Wife (April 21), and the Dude's (April 19.) We also expect the arrival of little-Moose sometime in April.

We celebrate one birthday in May, and two in June (my Mom's and Maria's). The Fourth of July would have been my Dad's (82).

Here's a few shots from recent days, including some from Saturday's birthday celebration.


amy said…
What are we doing for the annual "in-law" birthday party this year? Guess it will have to be over Google-talk as we'll all be in different cities. Not sure we can top the Hulk theme....
amy said…
Where'd you get the camera?

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