More Owls

Perhaps I should re-name this blog "The Hobbled Owl" to reflect the very owl-like slant of recent posts.

Spent most of the afternoon with the in-laws, enjoying the afternoon with mother-to-be Aunty Amy and Uncle Chris. The Dude decided to document all the birds he saw, so he created a list labeled "Backyard Birds". For an hour, no birds were spotted outside the many windows at the in-laws. Finally, when I walked into the kitchen/dining area to inquire about lunch, I spotted what looked like a large cat sitting in a large tree out back. A Great Horned Owl. It sat there for almost an hour so we all got a good look at it.

After lunch, I took a 4+ mile walk on the Luce Line. Very nice - sunny in the low 20s - but no wind, and that makes all the difference. [Here's another Luce Line link from a more local source, the Herald-Journal - a genuine small-town newspaper.]


Uncle Chris said…
This bird was a great spot by the Hobbled Runner. It really was amazing to see this bird sitting in a small stand of trees amongst suburban homes.

If you only have one bird on your list for the day, this was a pretty good one.

Plus, the GHO has a great latin name:
Bubo virginianus.

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