You Must Come to Our Store!

Happy Tuesday - here's a quick recap of the past 24 hours - in no particular order.

Duke started things off with a seizure this morning. It was his first seizure in one month. That is one of our longer seizure-free stretches. He’s been very active lately. With his lower weight, and the cooler weather – he’s very active. We even “jogged” this morning – a few blocks.

Last night we ran into a snag attempting to order a Halloween costume online from Party City. On Sunday, the Dude and I visited the local Party City store. He had found a costume while browsing online and wanted to pick it up at the store – only they didn’t have it at the store. The very helpful clerks informed us that they don’t stock all the costumes at any one store. They suggested we go to counter and ask the staff to locate one at neighboring store. I said we would try to order online – since that’s where we first found the costume. The clerks said that sounded like a good idea as well.

Last night, the Dude and I go to order the costume only to be called up short with this message:

[Click to enlarge.]

Apparently they would like us to go to a store to purchase the costume. We already know that our local store does not carry this costume, so we will have to go to another store to make the actual purchase – or will we? I’m never good with the angry customer routine, but I’d at least like to have them ship the costume to “our” local store. I’m not driving around the Twin Cities for a Dark Skull Warrior costume.

That said – it was a beautiful morning here in the frozen north.


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