Love Email Marketing

I'm on a number of email lists, receiving all sorts of valuable information from retailers, news organizations, non-profits, etc. This afternoon I received an email from Roto-Rooter. They send only a few a year - so I took notice of this one. I got a kick out of the seasonal tie-in:


Millions of pounds of pumpkin pulp is scraped from pumpkins throughout the Halloween season, resulting in yummy pies, creative jack-o'-lanterns... and plumbing nightmares.

Every year, plumbers get lots of calls to repair garbage disposers and kitchen sink drains that have been clogged with slimy, stringy pumpkin pulp and seeds.

They are not content to stop the Halloween tie in there. They go on,

Did you know... In 1979, Roto-Rooter created a popular TV commercial called "The Raving," which was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem "The Raven." It's still popular today.

Hmm - still popular. We'll see about that.

Suddenly there came a rushing,
as of someone slowly flushing
water 'cross my chamber floor.


johnhardings said…

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