I'm Famous

The article I was interviewed for finally appeared in the StarTribune - yesterday. Except I can't link to the article. It was one of their print-exclusive pieces. The sort of thing designed to get everyone to run out to the newstand and purchase a paper - because it's the kind of thing you can only get in print.

I'm not sure why it was a print-only article. Everything that needs to be said about the Delta-Northwest merger has been said already. It's not really an exclusive story.

Too bad it's not online - it's a real nice picture, and I need to update my FaceBook photo.

One of my colleagues emailed and said "You're Famous". Here is my reply:

Today while driving my 9 year old son to school he said, “Do you think people in the other cars are slowing down because they recognize you from your picture in the paper?”

Yeah – in my dreams!


Tom said…
Too bad the Strib doesn't have the same policy as the Courier Journal here in Louisville where the sports columnist's article is exclusive to the print addition of the paper--until about noon. (I guess the paper is counting on people being so upset about having to wait until the afternoon to read that column that they will sign up for home delivery.)

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