Autumn Leaves

I'm crossing my fingers that I don't come home to a house will all the windows open again tonight. Duke must have eaten something bad (or worse than usual) because when M got home from school yesterday she was in for quite a surprise. Duke had had a major "accident" in his kennel. Shana had to clean up 99% of the mess - including bathing Duke. All I had to do was wash lots of yucky towels and clean our bedroom walls - yes the walls. Word to the wise: Think twice before putting your dog's kennel in your bedroom!

No meetings on the calendar today - and the bosses are away - which means I have no discipline in my schedule, leaving me time to do everything or nothing at all. So far, I'm actually making nice progress - cleaning up some loose ends that have been lingering for a while. Let's hope I don't lose momentum in a post-lunch stupor.

Beautiful fall day - even had my coat off during the lunch hour walk. We've had snow already, but of course that's come and gone. I heard one of the forecasters say this morning that we could have thunderstorms before the week is over. It's like Fall, Winter, and Spring all in one month.


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