Sick Kid

I thought about editing the picture to remove the toes of my Chuck Taylor's but then thought the better of it.

I was home today with M - who has been sick since Sunday. It's not the dreaded H1N1 (we think). No fever, just some aches, lack of appetite and inability to stay awake! The kid is sleeping like a pro. She slept until 11:00 today, then took a nap in the afternoon!

With a sick kid who slept most of the day, I was able to get a fair amount of work done. I had a lot of busy-work (messing with spreadsheets, etc) that was best done away from all the work-place distractions. By mid afternoon I was looking for a break - missing all the interruptions that comes with working in a large office.


julienj said…
Our kids have been sick, but awake and, in the case of T, extremely chatty. Hope M is better soon.

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