Happy Monday – the Sun is Out

I’m feeling especially sun-deprived this Fall, so when the sun broke through just before lunch, I had to fight the urge to run out the door right away.

I think that the Dude is missing the sun as well. He’s been a bit down, and finding all sorts of excuses not to do homework, delay bedtime, and drag his feet going to school. Not as bad as in the past, but I find myself thinking, “one day at a time” and breathing a huge sigh of relief when we deposit him safely at school each day. The hard part of my day is over by 9:00 – sort of.

It’s been very busy at work lately. My co-worker had her baby last Monday and so begins a 4 month leave. I’m running fast to catch up with her project work. It won’t be easy – as she is irreplaceable (she knows it!) – but I’m muddling through.

After the short lunch walk, things look different and much more “doable”. It will be a busy week. I’ll be traveling to Boston on Wednesday, returning late Thursday evening – almost 24 hours in the city. That’s normal for most trips – but leaves you wanting more of your destination than the view from cabs and hotel windows.

As I posted, Shana called to report Duke had "messed up" his kennel pretty good. All the windows are open at home, and Shana was getting ready to wrestle Duke into the bathtub. I'm finally ready to re-think our decision to keep his kennel in our bedroom.


Lisa said…
I get a cheap thrill reading about myself in your blog -- and your comments are too kind. Offer still stands if you have a day that is just "too much" and you want to swap places for an hour or two.

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