Hmm - Never Seen That Before

With snow on the ground, it seemed a good weekend to try something completely different. Earlier in the week, while driving the Dude to school, I noticed the sign at the State Fair entrance. There was going to be a comic book convention at the Grandstand over the weekend. I read the sign out loud - big mistake!

"Oh, we are so going there!" said the Dude.

"Yeah, well, maybe, we'll see," I responded uncertainly.

Come Saturday it seemed like the thing to do so - after tennis and a quick stop at the library - we drove over to the Fair Grounds. I knew it would be interesting when I saw folks "in character" wandering the streets of the Fair Grounds. When we got inside - holy crow! Comic book displays everywhere - obviously - but also lots of figurines (or whatever you call those "toy" figures representing comic book, tv, and movie characters), games, and other "stuff" I couldn't identify. There were a number of cool "zine" type publications - lots of stuff that looked like people published themselves, and then of course - the biggies - DC, and whoever else. [Sorry - I'm not a comic book guy.]

The artists were there as well - the Dude purchased a Batman (or was it Batboy) book, and the artist - the penciller and inker - autographed the cover.

And of course - folks in costume. The picture below shows only a few of the people who dress up for these events. I regret not snapping the shot of the rather roly, poly teenager wearing only gym shorts who had painted his entire body green. The Dude and I were not sure if he was the Hulk or Green Lantern - or a new action figure, "Soft Green Teen". There was a also a great Hagrid - looked almost like the movie version.

Anyway - a splendid time was had by all. I'm sure this will be a "can't miss" event next year.


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