Skylark - 1974

On several instances lately I've almost drowned in waves of nostalgia. I’ll be driving along and hear a song, or some random thought will just spring up and I suddenly realize – God, I’m getting old. It’s not a bad feeling, kind of bittersweet really.

Today's Almanac entry from Terry Teachout reminded me that I should blog about it. Here Terry quotes Anthony Powell:

"They say you lose your head for nostalgia, as you get older. That's also the time when waves of it come sweeping down without warning. You have to ration yourself, or a sudden dose knocks you out, as it did me."
Anthony Powell, Temporary Kings

A few days ago, I stumbled on the following collection of songs on my new favorite blog, Echoes In The Wind. It's a local blog. He's from St. Cloud I believe.

WARNING - the song links take you to a site where you hear the music. Put on your headphones if you are at work. Also - some of the ads on this site are probably not safe for work (NSFW). I obviously didn't click the ads - but the pics and text are enough. You have been warned.

Wildflower, by Skylark (1974). Christ – how it hits me even now. 1974 – sheesh I was 12 years old, only one year older than M now. Will she be sitting somewhere in 2042, hear some song and think, “Man, that really takes me back.”

Looking down the list, Yikes it's I’m Not Lisa - - oh brother – another one.

Gotta cheer up – at least he links to I Saw Her Standing There, 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. .


whiteray said…
Favorite blog? Wow and thank you! Missed that the first time I saw this page . . .

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