National Pie Day

The Hobbled Wife informed me last night that today was National Pie Day and that she and her colleagues were going out to lunch to celebrate. I have called and emailed her several times today and have yet to receive a response. They must be doing some serious celebrating.

I dare you to try one of the suggested methods of observance:

Pay it forward. Hand out pie slices to strangers and encourage them to do the same for others. It could spread the peace on earth and goodwill to mankind that we all hope for.

Be a good Samaritan. Buy an extra pie at your local grocery store and give it to the person behind you in line. You may just change their life!

Now if I ever went pie-crazy and decided to start a pie blog, this guy has already taken the most appropriate url, Johnny-Likes-Pie.

For what it's worth, my favorite pie-place - The Loon's Nest in Vergas, MN - homemade pies, baked by the locals. Mmm - tasty.


crossons said…
We were busy! National Pie Day is important! We had lunch and pie at Jerabek's New Bohemian on the West Side (of St. Paul for you non-Twin Citians). The bakery has been around since 1906! I enjoyed a blackberry/raspberry pie. My colleagues went for pumpkin, cherry, apple and others. Delicious.
amy said…
Hey! I thought Pie day was March 14th! 3.14!!?!? That's when we're celebrating it at least.
julienj said…
Oh, man! I missed it! No one tells me anything important.

E and I still talk about the time we were in the checkout line in a grocery store in Arizona and someone from the store came by and asked, "would you like a free pie?" Too bad it wasn't tastier pie.

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