Baron the Kestrel

Baron, an American Kestrel

What do you get the kid who has everything? An American Kestrel, that's what. OK, we didn't buy him an actual kestrel. Instead, we adopted one at the Raptor Center as a Christmas gift for the Dude.

As an adoptive "parent" you get to spend some quality time with your bird when you visit the Raptor Center. Today was our first visit to the Center since adopting Baron. Adam, one of the workers, took us behind-the-scenes to retrieve Baron and then we were able to watch while he was being fed - yuck!

The Dude came armed with two pages of questions about Raptors which Adam patiently answered.

[The Dude, Adam, and Baron]


amy said…
So, I have a question. Can more than one person "adopt" the same raptor? And what were some of Dude's questions?

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