Why Today Stinks

Left home early to ensure a timely arrival at work. Snow delayed the commute (doubled the time actually) so I arrived 5 minutes late to my meeting and have been playing catch-up ever since.

Returned a call to a different business unit regarding a woman who left my name as a job reference. First problem, she never asked if she could do this (though I would have said, "Yes.") Second problem, since leaving my area she had gotten married and has a new last name - -one I did not recognize. So I was left to call the other hiring manager and saying I did not know a woman with that name, but I said I was curious if she mentioned having worked under a different name. (Great start to her new career.)

The other hiring manager and I played phone tag for a while. On one voice mail he called me, "Johnny". Then during our actual conversation, he called me "Johnny" again. Only certain family members (you know who you are) can call me Johnny.

In the end, Johnny gave a very nice reference for Mrs. Whoever.


amy said…
Who the heck calls you Johnny??? Must be the Mrs. But after this post it may be a few more people!!!
John G. said…
Everyone on my Mother's side calls me Johnny. Since my Dad was John, I became Johnny 43 years ago - and it stuck! But I like it. (On my Dad's side he was known by his middle name, Irving, so some called me Johnny - but most now call me John. I Dad's siblings and their spouses still call me Johnny, but that's about it.

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